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India's first children's book on 12 Jyotirlings, 5000+ Copies Sold in May 2024

Key Features:


1. Stories from the revered Shiva Purana, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.


2. Visually engaging illustrations that transport children into the world of Shiva temples.


3. Interactive learning with QR codes for online quizzes on each Jyotirling, fostering curiosity and knowledge retention.


4. Difficult words are explained, making it easy for children to understand the profound meanings behind each story.


Perfect for all young readers and even adults. Let their imaginations soar as they delve into the mystical realm of Lord Shiva and his divine manifestations!

A Children's Guide to the 12 Shiva Jyotirlings [Best Seller] [Hard Cover]

  • See what our proud parents have to say:

    • "Hii, received the book, my both kids are very happy is very nice..such a luck to find this book before shravan. ..all questions regarding 12 jyotirlings are answered in this book" - Twinkle Savani, Surat, found our book via Instagram


    • "The Book of 12 Shiva Jyotirlings is very nice and informative. My kid is liking it very much. Thank You" - Rekha Joshi, Mumbai, found our book via Instagram


    • "Its really nice. My husband is very happy and my daughter is very excited" - Pratibha Chhabra, Delhi, found our book via Instagram


    • "The illustrations are breathtaking and truly captivate young readers, making Lord Shiva's stories come alive in front of their eyes. My kids loved scanning the QR codes to take online quizzes" - Sukriti Vohra, Kolkata, found our book via Friend
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