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Our Mission

Our core mission is to create an ecosystem where we provide the right information and knowledge to our kids that enables them to live a confident life in future as well as ensures that they are fully aware and proud of their rich culture

All About Us

Hi readers, this is Yashika and Mamta and we both are the proud owners of Amar Granth

We are both proud homemakers and started with our journey of Amar Granth with an aim to build something of our own. We have rich experience in Indian mythology and culture and leveraged that knowledge to develop children books and content for Indian audience

This is just the start and we hope you will enjoy our creations. We always strive to create content that is relevant to the present India but also inculcates the rich traditional history of Bharat. We deeply feel that kids of this generation should have a very strong understanding of our past to be able to make the right decisions in future





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