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India's first children's book on 51 Shaktipeeths


Key Features:


1. Stories from the Puranas, ensuring accuracy and authenticity regarding different parts of Sati and the temples dedicated to them


2. Visually engaging illustrations that transport children into the world of Shaktipeeths.


3. Interactive learning with QR codes for online quizzes at the end of the book, fosters curiosity and knowledge retention.


4. Locations of Temples on each state's maps ensuring that children understand and learn the geographic location


5. Difficult words are explained, making it easy for children to understand the profound meanings behind each story.


Perfect for all young readers and even adults. Let their imaginations soar as they delve into the mystical realm of Shiva and Shakti and their divine manifestations!

A Children's Guide to the 51 Shaktipeeths [Hardcover]

SKU: amargranth-003
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